The ACHLS college admissions process pays close attention to a student’s lifetime experience, motivation and potential.

ACHLS seeks students who want to learn techniques which will help them in the business, professional or academic worlds by making them better thinkers, better writers, and more fluent orally. ACHLS especially seeks such students who are interested in learning what has happened in the United States and the world in the past, because this is important in assessing present and future policy and in being more effective advocates as leaders, or as lawyers, or in other professions.

  • ACHLS interviews every applicant who wishes to attend it. ACHLS believes the true measure of a person’s capabilities to succeed cannot be measured solely by statistical data, which does not measure drive, dedication, obstacles overcome, perseverance, and a good heart. In some circumstances, there is a second interview with the entire Admissions Committee.
  • The Admissions Committee reviews an applicant’s entire pertinent background, including all previous college grade-point averages, the specific courses in which an applicant did well or poorly, improvement over time and the nature of any experience and accomplishments in the work force. ACHLS does not consider the SAT or ACT when making admissions decisions. Instead, it considers an essay test that ACHLS itself has developed.
  • The test is given at the time of the interview, and, most importantly, it is read and graded by a professor who, based upon years of practical and academic experience, is well qualified to assess an applicant’s ability to think and write well. The requirement of a mandatory interview, the review of an applicant’s entire record in school and the work force, and the essay aptitude test enable ACHLS to identify capable students.

For further information, please call the Admissions Office at 603.458.5145 or email

Application Process

To be considered for admission to the ACHLS, a student must complete the following:

1. Application for Admission.

An application for admission should be completed, signed, and submitted to the Admissions Department. The application should be filled out in full; it includes prior higher education, work history, and community involvement.

2. Personal Statement.

Each applicant must submit a personal statement along with the application. In addition to other pertinent information, the statement should tell why the applicant wishes to pursue a degree in history and law. Click here to see an example of a personal statement.

3. Letters of Recommendation.

Three letters of recommendation should be sent directly to the Admissions Department.

4. Official Transcripts.

Transcripts from all community colleges and four year undergraduate colleges must be submitted.

5. Application Fee

A nonrefundable $40.00 application fee (check or money order payable to ACHLS) must accompany the application.

6. Personal Interview.

Each applicant will have a personal interview with an Admissions Officer. The interview will relate to the reasons why the applicant might wish to study history and law, the candidate’s seriousness and diligence, points that may not have been explained sufficiently on the application form, and any other matters that will assist the Admissions Office in reviewing the student’s application.

7. Writing Test

The ACHLS does not use or rely on standardized, multiple choice admissions tests like the SAT or the ACT. Rather, it gives each applicant its own writing test, taken on the same day that the applicant is interviewed. The test is designed to assess reasoning skills and writing ability. It is drawn up by and applicants’ answers are assessed by members of the ACHLS faculty. To view a sample of an ACHLS writing test used in recent years, click here.


A. 60 Credit Hours (minimum) of Undergraduate Study
Applicants to the ACHLS must have successfully completed 60 hours of academic credits.

B. Grade Point Average
The ACHLS seeks students who have a grade point average of at least a 2.7 or higher. It will also, however, admit persons with a lower GPA if the student’s record and application materials demonstrate that he or she possesses the requisite skills to successfully complete the program.

C. General Education Requirements
A student who enters ACHLS should have, among his or her prior credits, at least 34 hours of general education credits. One typical ACHLS transfer block is shown here:

A Typical ACHLS Gen Ed Transfer Block:
English Composition/Writing – 6 credit hours
Behavioral and/or Social Science – 9 credit hours
Humanities and/or Fine Arts - 9 credit hours
Natural or Physical Science - 7 credit hours
Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning – 3 credit hours
Required General Education credit hours – 34 credit hours

Other transfer blocks will have differing total hours for a particular subject area. If you completed 60 hours of a four year or two year college, but do not have 34 hours of the general education requirements, you will be considered on an individualized basis.

D. Articulation Agreements
If you are graduating from a community college that has an Articulation Agreement with ACHLS, it is possible that the Articulation Agreement terms may differ in some respects from the general education requirements set forth on this page. Please contact your Academic Advisor/Counselor for the details of your school’s Articulation Agreement, which will be controlling.