As a senior completion college offering only the junior and senior years, The American College of History and Legal Studies is uniquely poised to help you realize your dream and finish your BA Degree.

Why Should You Finish Your BA Degree?

Finish Your BA Degree Just like this ACHLS GradDid you know that college graduates, on average, make $1 million more during the course of their lifetimes than people who don’t have a degree? A BA degree means greater opportunity for career growth and more stability for you and your family.

At ACHLS our commitment to providing a rigorous, interactive, engaging learning experience is evident in our small class size and in all the personal attention each of our students receives. At ACHLS you are not just earning your B.A. Degree, you are transforming yourself into a better thinker, speaker and writer- ready to compete at the very highest levels in today’s job market.

ACHLS has articulation agreements with community colleges in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts so that you can easily transfer you college credits and be well on you way to finishing your degree, and our three night a week class schedule allows flexibility for students who work and/or have young families.

Learn more about finishing your BA degree and our early admission to law school program TODAY!