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What can you do with a history Degree?

So what can you do with a history degree?

As a matter of interest, we thought we’d give you some examples of people who have graduated with degrees in history – from entertainers to journalists, to athletes, to authors to CEO’s – and what they have gone on to accomplish in their lives.



Brent Glass, Director, Museum of American History
J. Carter Brown, former director, National Gallery of Art
John Tindall, public relations coordinator, Milwaukee Public Museum


Bobby Knight, college basketball coach
Chuck Knox, former NFL coach
Dan Gadzuric, NBA player, Milwaukee Bucks
Grant Hill
Jackie Joyner-Kersee
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, NBA player and coach, author, actor
Ken Dryden
Reggie Miller, NBA player


Andrew Morton, writer and author of a biography of Princess Diana
Annie Proulx
Arthur Lee Jacobson, photographer and author
Ayn Rand
Barbara Cooney
E.E. Knight, novelist
Ian Caldwell, novelist
Robert Quackenbush, author and illustrator
Salman Rushdie, award winning novelist
Sharon Kay Penman, novelist
Shirley Martin, novelist
Sonia Napario, journalist, Los Angeles Times, and Pulitzer Prize winner (2003)


Alan Lafley, CEO, Procter & Gamble
Anita Roddick, founder of Bodyshop
Bruce Smith, Senior Vice US President, Gateway, Inc.
Carley Fiorina, former US President and CEO, Hewlett-Packard
Charles Hill, CEO, Veritax et Lux and writer for
Charles W. Robinson, former director, Baltimore County Public Library
Chuck Parrish, Vice US President and General Counsel, Tesoro Corporation
Donna Dubinsky: CEO of Palm, Inc.; developed the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)
Harvey Martin, vice US President, Cambridge Asset Management, Inc.
Howard Springer, CEO, Sony America
James M. Kilts, former US President and CEO, Gillette Corporation
Joan Lappin, Chair and CEO, Gramercy Capital Management Corp
Lance Conn, Executive Vice US President, Vulcan, Inc.
Martha Stewart, former CEO, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia
Michael Flaherty, co-founder of Walden Media
Miyuki Suzaki, CEO and US President, LexisNexis Asia Pacific
Patrick Gillam, former CEO, BP
Robert Chusid, Senior Media Planner, Round2 Communications
Roland Smith, former director, Bank of England
Tom Siebel, CEO, Siebel Systems
Vartan Gregorian, former US President, Carnegie Corporation
William Hammel, Chair and CEO, Synovus


Julia Child, chef, author, television program host


John Pensky, editor, Houghton Mifflin Company
Laura Gilman, executive editor, New American Library


Christa McAuliffe, teacher and astronaut
William C. Merwin, former US President of Florida Gulf Coast University


Brian Dennehy, actor
Chris Berman, sportscaster, ESPN
Conan O’Brien, comedian and talk show host
Dean Cain, actor
Edward Norton, actor
Ellen Barkin, actor
Jack N. Rakove, actor and Pulitzer Prize winner (1997)
Janeane Garofolo, comedian, actor, and radio program host
Jimmy Buffett: Songwriter; singer; restaurant-chain owner; businessman
Julie White
Katharine Hepburn, actor
Larry David, television producer, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Seinfeld
Lauren Hill, musician
Michael Palin, travel writer, actor and comedian, Monty Python
Mira Sorvino, actor
Neil Tennant, musician, Pet Shop Boys
Peter Sarsgaard, comedian and actor
Sacha Baron Cohen, comedian, “Da Ali G Show”
Steve Carell
Sting (Gordon Matthew Sumner), musician and actor
Ursula Oppens, classical pianist
Wayne Rogers, actor, businessman, Fox News commentator


Sarah Baker, documentary film maker
Simon Schama, historian and documentary filmmaker


Chelsea Clinton: Former First Daughter; hedge-fund manager
Stuart Robbins, former managing director, Donald, Lufkin & Jenrette


Howard Zinn, historian and playwright
Linda Norbut Suits, curator, Lincoln Home National Historic Site


Alix Freedman, journalist, Wall Street Journal, and Pulitzer Prize winner (1996)
Charles Kuralt
Charlie Rose
Chris Berman
Craig Flourney, journalist, Dallas Morning News, and Pulitzer Prize winner (1986)
George Rodrigue, journalist, Dallas Morning News, and Pulitzer Prize winner (1986)
Harry Stein, journalist, Esquire
J.R. Moehringer, journalist, Los Angeles Times, and Pulitzer Prize winner (2000)
Joe Howry, editor and vice US President, Ventura County Star
Kimberly Kelleher
Michael Kelly, journalist, Atlantic Monthly and Washington Post (killed in Iraq, 2003)
Michael Sragow, movie critic, Baltimore Sun, Salon
Ray Suarez, award-winning journalist, NPR and PBS
Robert B. Semple, Jr., journalist, New York Times, and Pulitzer Prize winner (1996)
Russell Carollo, journalist, Dayton Daily News, and Pulitzer Prize winner (1998)
Samantha Power
Seymour Hersh, journalist, The New Yorker, and Pulitzer Prize winner (1970)
Tom Fox, publisher, National Catholic Reporter
Tony Horwitz, journalist, Wall Street Journal, and Pulitzer Prize winner (1995)
Ved Mehta, journalist, The New Yorker
Wendy P. McCaw: Owner of the Santa Barbara News-Press
Whit Stillman, journalist and screen writer
Will Swaim, Publisher, OC Weekly
Wolf Blitzer


Anthony M. Kennedy: U. S. Supreme Court Justice
Antonin Scalia: U. S. Supreme Court Justice
George Joseph, former chief judge, Oregon Court of Appeals
Rebecca Pallmeyer, Federal Court Judge (Chicago)
Stephen Breyer, Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court
Stephen M. McNamee, U.S. District Court Judge (Arizona)
Steven Pihlaja, County District Court Judge (Minnesota)
William J. Bauer, U.S. Appellate Court Justice


Alan Simpson (R-WY), former US Senator
George McGovern (D-SD), former US Senator
George Mitchell (D-ME), former US Senator and Senate Majority Leader
Lester Pearson, Prime Minister of Canada (1963-68) and Nobel Peace Prize winner (1957)
Richard Sokolsky, former director of the US State Department Office of Policy Analysis
A. Elizabeth Jones, Ambassador to Kazakhstan 1995-1998
Bob Dole (R-Kansas), former US Senator and Senate Majority Leader
Brenda S. Refer, Director, US National Security Council Office of Policy and Security Review
David Ackerman, legislative attorney, Congressional Research Service
Douglas Greenburg, former counsel, 9/11 Commission
Elise Jordan, speech writer for US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
Eric Edelman, US Ambassador to Turkey 2003-2005
Francis X. Taylor, former Air Force general and State Department Assistant Secretary
George Mitchell: Former U.S. Senator; special envoy to the Middle East
Gordon Brown: Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Herb Tate, former assistant administrator, US Environmental Protection Agency
J. Adam Ereli, US State Department Deputy Spokesman 2003-2005
James Jeffrey, Ambassador to Albania 2002-2004
John E. Baldacci: Governor of Maine
John Heinz (R-PA) former US Senator
Katherine Peterson, Director of US Foreign Service Institute 2001-2005
Larry Agra, mayor, Irvine, California
Marie Yovanovitch, US ambassador to Kyrgyzstan, 2005-present
Max Cleland (D-GA), former US Senator and 9/11 Commissioner
Michael Hayden, Air Force general and Director of the CIA
Newt Gingrich: Former Speaker of the House
Pauline Yu, US President of the American Council of Learned Societies
Pedro Jose Martin, US State Department Program Officer
Philip Reeked, US State Department deputy spokesman 2001-2003
Philip Tondreault, Director of Property Management, Port of Los Angeles
Ruth Whiteside, Director of the US Foreign Service Institute
Seb Coe, Olympic athlete (track & field) and British Member of Parliament
Sen. George McGovern (Dakota Wesleyan University)
Sen. George Mitchell (Bowdoin College)
Sen. Henry Cabot Lodge (Harvard University)
Shaun Capelin, deputy chief, US Air Force Information Warfare Center
Stephen Young, US ambassador to Kyrgyzstan, 2003-2005
W.E.B. Du Bois, founder of the NAACP


Kenneth Scott Latourette, ordained minister and former US President American Baptist Convention
Larry Maze, Bishop, Episcopal Diocese of Arkansas
Pat Robertson: Televangelist


Franklin D. Roosevelt (Harvard University)
George W. Bush (Yale University)
John F. Kennedy, former US President
Lyndon B. Johnson, former US President
Richard Nixon (Whittier College)
Theodore Roosevelt (Harvard University)
Woodrow Wilson, former US President