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ACHLS’s library is well-equipped to meet the research, practice and study needs of its students. The library is open during classroom hours and by appointment. The library is kept and maintained by professional librarians. At any time when the library is not open (as well as when it is open), students are welcome to use the Massachusetts School of Law library, located at 500 Federal Street, Andover, Massachusetts 978.681.0800.

The ACHLS library is comprised of the in-house collection, online research engines, interlibrary loan, and the library at the Massachusetts School of Law. The in-house collection consists of 500+ texts, bibliographies and reference books. Indexes of the collection are arranged by title and author.

Each student and faculty member at ACHLS is given a password and access to three online comprehensive historical search engines. The first is JSTOR which contains over 1,000 academic journals. The second is Gale History Resource Center which consists of volumes of encyclopedias and other materials. The third is America: History and Life which is an extensive database of historical texts. A subscriber to all three research engines has access to thousands of historical texts and references.

ACHLS students and faculty also may request books through the national interlibrary loan system. Two computers are available for student use. Each computer has free wireless internet, Word©, and printers attached. The Description/Rules of the Library and Computer Lab are posted on the campus and each student receives a copy at orientation.

Shukla Biswas, the Technical Services Librarian at the Massachusetts School of Law, is the librarian of record for the ACHLS. She maintains the collection, and catalogs and coordinates any interlibrary loan requests. Ms. Biswas is accessible to students by phone (978.681.0800) and email to answer research questions.