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Making Education Affordable

Affordable education is our mission.

ACHLS believes that the country needs a high quality, inexpensive teaching-oriented alternative to the expensive research universities. Why?

  • To give Americans the chance to have hope and to develop themselves
  • Because America needs an educated work force
  • Because America needs an informed electorate
  • Because making education affordable is the right thing to do

ACHLS Announces 15 Merit Based Scholarships

In order to further our goals, and with a full commitment to the academic excellence and reform that ACHLS has set out to establish, the ACHLS trustees have granted 15 merit based scholarships to students enrolling in the fall of 2014.

At ACHLS we are offering the best educational opportunity available to students who are looking to finish their B.A. Degrees and who may even wish to go on to law school. There is simply no other program that offers as much personal attention, that is as rigorous, and that will teach students as effectively to be better thinkers, speakers and writers. ACHLS is committed to providing high quality education to students who are looking to achieve high academic and personal goals.

Scholarships at The American College of History and Legal Studies


At $10,000 per year (or $333.33 per credit), the tuition at ACHLS is among the lowest in New England.


Cost Per Credit Hour Credits Required Total Cost Per Semester
Fall Semester $333.33 12 $3,999.96
Spring Semester $333.33 12 $3,999.96
Summer Session $333.33 6 $1,999.98
Total Cost $10,000

*Books and copier/printer fees are not included in tuition.

Methods of Payment

Students have the option of funding their education at the ACHLS through private loans or throughinstallment payment plans or available scholarships.

A student can pay the entire tuition for the semester when registering for that semester. The payment can come from the student’s own resources or from a private loan. The schedule of classes is arranged so that students can be employed, to augment their resources, while they are attending ACHLS.

Students can use an installment payment plan under which twenty-five percent (25%) of a student’s tuition for the semester is paid at registration and additional payments of twenty-five percent (25%) are paid at the end of each succeeding monthly period until the full amount of tuition has been paid. Other variations of payment plans can be worked out on a case by case basis.*

Contact the Financial Aid Director at 1.603.458.5145 or at to discuss the payment plan option best for you.


Description Amount Due Due Date
Down payment $1,500.00 February 28, 2015
First payment $350.00 March 29, 2015
Second payment $350.00 April 30, 2015
Third payment $350.00 May 31, 2015
Fourth payment $350.00 June 28, 2015
Fifth payment $350.00 July 31, 2015
Sixth payment $350.00 August 30, 2015
Seventh payment $350.00 September 30, 2015
Eighth payment $350.00 October 31, 2015
Ninth payment $350.00 November 29, 2015
Tenth payment $350.00 December 31, 2013